Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blue Scrub Jays Nesting in my Yard and Attacking my Cats!

I constantly hear the rasping CHEEEeeee! of two scrub jays (also called California Jays but we are in Oregon) who are raising young in the large rhododendron shrub in my back yard. The have laid claim to the entire yard and constantly terrorize any of my cats who are out walking or even on the front porch taking a nap. I have had a hard time catching them in motion but if you look carefully at the pictures you can see a blue blur as one flies by. They actually hit the cats in the tail, back or head from behind. One distracts the cat with scraming, pecking at things and picking up debris and tossing it around. Then the partner swoops in silently and swiftly from behind and hits the cat! Their team effort has proven successful. My cats would rather stay in the house now.

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