Sunday, July 6, 2008

More photos coming soon!

I bought several Beauty and the Beast scripts and they only arrived in the mail yesterday. Three of them were never made into episodes. One of those was written by David Peckinpah, one of the key writers for the show. The date is August 25th, 1988. I googled David Peckinpah's name and learned he died in 2006. This script is called "The Prodigal" and continues the conflict between Mitch, Vincent and Cathrine. He really has the voices of the characters down perfectly. you can hear the voices of Mouse, Father, and Joe, as well as Mitch. I can see why it never made it to the screen (Vincent would have never pressured Cathrine to get Mitch released from prison even to be at the bedside of his father) but first drafts often get several revisions before they become episodes. The rhythm of each character's dialogue is distinctive. Their word choices and tone are unique to each one. I am hoping to buy more unproduced scripts. It is the only way other than reading fan writing, to get more of the Beauty and the Beast stories. I've been thinking a lot about the symbolism in the show and why it has continued to have such an impact on us, the fans, even after all these years. I'm going to sell some little leather bags in my etsy store, FantasyCreations1. I'm working on offering some quartz crystal necklaces and I want to sell white roses handmade, I think, from polymer clay.
I'll post photos of my newest finds as soon as I can get them photographed. I have a lot more to say about the show too.

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