Friday, June 27, 2008

More photos of my Beauty and the Beast Collection

Okay, I am a little bit obsessed. I have been listening to the music and poetry being read by Ron Perlman in his Vincent voice from Beauty and the Beast, for the last couple of weeks (it is so beautiful it makes my heart ache) in my car, and rewatching episodes on the DVDs, whenever I get a chance.
I have four video tapes that have extra material I have not found on my DVDs. Vincent reads the most poetic and passionate love letters to Catherine after the credits. Only four of my video tapes have the letters and they are all different and related to the episode on the tape, as if he wrote them in his journal before going to bed after the final scene of that episode. Here are titles of the four episodes with the extra material:
  • Nor Iron Bars a Cage

  • Song of Orpheus

  • Masques

  • The Beast Within

Here are a few of the photos I'm going to post in the next week of my newest Beauty and the Beast finds, adding more diversity to my Beauty and the Beast TV series private collection. I am still looking for the Beauty and the Beast calendars (except 3rd season) and the novels I mentioned yesterday.

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