Thursday, June 26, 2008

I discovered some treasures I had forgotten I had-Beauty and the Beast fans must see these photos!!!

Well, my romantic obsession with Beauty and the Beast has been rekindled and as I hunted for new finds on the internet I came across photos of several books that looked familiar. This may sound odd but I have so many books I forgot these burried treasures. I dug them out and opened their covers and remembered years ago that two of them were signed. I got "Pascal's" (Armin Shimerman is one of the nicest people I have ever met!) signiture at a Star Trek convention. I got Ru Emerson's autograph at Westercon I think.

For those who love the story as much as I do I'm creating a fabric book (personal treasure) to honor the series and will be posting photos in the near future.

I am searching for two novels I don't have in my collection:

  • Beauty and the Beast Beyond Words Beyond silence by Nan Dribble

  • Beauty and the Beast Bright Spirit Descending by Nan Dribble

They are rare and out of print and I can't afford to pay the incredible prices I've seen on the internet: $75-$300 for a used paperback. I'm on a budget. Sales in my ebay store and my three Etsy stores have been very low. I've been collecting a few new affordable pieces to add to my collection.

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