Friday, June 6, 2008

Beauty and the Beast, Season 2 of the TV series

I finished watching season 2 of Beauty and the beast yesterday. It left me enthralled all day. I wish there had been more with the same writers behind it. I wish Linda Hamilton had waited a bit longer to have a child so that she could have continued in the role. It is so beautiful and tragic and ends with her screaming "Vincent!!" I dreamed about them last night. The writer left us one allusion, delivered twice so we wouldn't miss it. A little girl in Vincent's literary group asks him to finish reading the last chapter of Jane Eyre to them. She remindsh im again later and tries to give him the book to take with him when he leaves them to isolate himself. I think the hope lies in readin Jane Eyre's last chapter. For those who have never read Jane Eyre it is classic Gothic romance by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is my favorite book. If you have never read it please do. I'm not going to spoil it here for you.
I posted pictures above of the DVD, season 2, the CD (it includes musical themes so romantic you want to kiss someone and Ron Pearlman's readings of classic poetry is so beautiful it makes me ache), and the graphic novel with an image of the painting done of Catherine and Vincent by the dead artist in season 2 on the cover. These are treasured possessions in my collection. I also have a t-shirt and a poster of Vincent.
I may post more about the series again.

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Beauty and the said...

Very nice camera shots! The clarity is amazing. I too love the show and wished that things had worked out differently (i.e. more shows!).

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