Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

Several months have passed since my last post here. It is hard to come up with something new and interesting to write every day. I don't feel comfortable sharing every intimate detail of my personal life and I'm not sure what would interst my readers. I have created some interesting new pieces of jewelry but is that really what you want to know? The decine in the economy has had an impact on my sales and I am becoming discouraged. Christmas sales are very poor for me. I have invested in showcases on Etsy in order to promote my work. Nothing makes any difference. I guess my absence from my blog is a reflection of my own discouragement. I feel helpless.

I have enjoyed taking some beautiful photographs over the last few months. This is the one activity my husband and I most like to share. I often think about the underground world of Vincent and Father depicted in the 1980s TV series Beauty and the Beast. I have been photographing scenes that remind me of the show.

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AT44 said...

Your first photograph - the tree - is exactly the vision I had for a fairy-photographing scene (or the wish to do so) in a B&tB fan fic I'm writing. Exactly.