Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking about Winterfest

I'm going to share some more interesting photos. I'm looking forward to attending the internet convention for Beauty and the Beast fans called Winterfest starting this Saturday Feb 7th. I have been careful not to post any photos here of my creations honoring the show (they are being hosted on Winterfest) but after Winterfest is over I will post all of the photos here.
My husband does not allow me to burn candles in the house because of fire risk but his mother gave me three battery operated candles and I have purchased two more on Ebay. They are wonderful. I'll take a picture someday and post it here. I think any candle lover who is concerned about safety issues (I have 4 cats) would love these new candles. They are wax and they flicker but they are as safe as a flashlight.

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