Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Fabric Book Cover Instructions

Here are the instructions
to make your own
fabric collage book cover for
your journals and scrap books!

You can create your own fabric book covers. You'll need a piece of fabric 30% wider and 15% greater in height than the total measurements of your open journal. Open your journal onto the fabric and visualize the finished book cover like a pee-chee with pockets for the cover to slip into (see photo). This fabric should be a knit, such as a velour suede cloth. Next, you'll need 5 to 10 scraps of color coordinated fabrics with interesting designs and prints. You can include photo transfer fabric images. You will cut these scraps into pieces of various sizes and shapes. Lay out your colorful scraps on the knit fabric and arrange them into a pleasing pattern and pin them in place. Using the zig-zag setting stitch the raw edges of the scraps down to the knit fabric. You are creating a fabric collage. The pieces should completely cover the background fabric. Next, you'll need one or more yarns, cord or flexible trim. Zig-zag stitch over the yarn to cover the raw edges and create patterns and texture. Now turn the edges under and sew a shirt-tail hem all the way around.
Wrap your book cover around your book and fold the excess width under the front and back cover and pin where the edges meet at the top and bottom. Sew the edges together. Enjoy your book cover!

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