Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'd like to share some little meditations from one of my journals

I hope these meditations offer you comfort. I wrote them about 14 years ago. I read them onto an audio tape and listened to them in my car when I needed encouragement and hope.

I set you free.

The bars will melt away to mist

when yo let go of the beliefs you allow to imprison you.

Let go of them.

They are only as solid and real as you allow them to be.

Anything is possible!

Dip into the well and drink.

Breathe deeply the fresh breeze of freedom

and let it wash through your soul.

Let it blow away the chains and burdens you have carried

as the family hero.


You are free to look for truth and light wherever you choose.

Treasure the truth and light you find

and discard the false.

Help yourself to the treasures, the joys, the possibilities.

Visualize your dreams becoming reality.

Believe in your right to have everything you want.

You deserve to live out your dreams.

You are precious.

Your needs are important.

You have the right to look for ways to meet your needs.

"No one has the right to abuse you.

Christ invites us out of abusive relationships

into the fullness of life."*

*(from Stan Thornburg, my pastor's sermon.)


**Set limits for verbal abusers.

Learn to say things like "I don't allow people to talk to me that way."

"I care about you and this relationship,

but I won't take this. You'll have to stop or I'll have to leave."

"This feels abusive; I'm going to end this conversation now."

"Lower your voice. If you can't talk to me decently, I won't talk to you at all."

Yes, it is scary.

Standing up to your abuser will require a strong sense of self esteem

and a clear understanding of personal boundaries.

Remember: doing nothing tells the other person you'll take whatever they give you and not stand up for yourself.

You earn respect by showing that you value yourself.

You deserve to be treated well.**

**(My apologies if any of the above words were taken from one of the many self help books I read.

There is no intention to take credit here for someone else's words.

I did not note any source in this journal.)


Use things and love people.

At the end of your life you will treasure the relationships

not the accumulation of possessions.

Do not trade people for things.

Your true wealth lies in who you love and who loves you.

The rest is minor--dust in the wind.

Never take your eyes off of the really important things in life:

being loved and loving,

being good and doing good,

learning and growing,

teaching and mentoring,

giving and receiving,

enjoying the moment and keeping things in perspective,

nurturing and healing others,

being able to accept nurturing and healing from others,

celebrating and grieving.


You are a free being

Others are free beings.

Never possess people

nor allow them to possess you.

No one owns anyone else.


Allow yourself the time to heal.

There is no hurry.

Forgive yourself

for your weakness and your lack of trust in God,

yourself and others.

Sometimes, the pain will be so great we can not see the benefit of working on our healing.

Trust the process.

This too shall pass.

You will rise

like a phoenix after being destroyed by the fire--

reborn into a new life.


Let go.

Feel you feelings.

Let your pain and dispair wash over you and go on.


Accept that there are mysteries.

There are questions you will never know the answers to.

You can ask any question you want to.

There are no stupid questions.


Value your feelings.

Trust your inner voice when you discern that it speaks your truth

and not just old tapes that are attempting to imprison you.

***Remember always that underneath all the coping mechanisms

and drowned out by all the noise of the chatterbox is your magical child

waiting to show you the journey as dance.

She dances the dance of her life uninhibited,


full of life and wonder,

creativity and adventure!

She is happy to be dancing right here in this moment--having

no grasp on the past or the future to weary her.

She breathes in joy and breathes out love.***

***I believe these words are mine but my apologies

if I took them from one of the books I was reading back then.

I did not note any source in this journal.

It is not my intention to take credit for someone else's words.


I'll continue tomorrow.

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