Monday, March 24, 2008

Love Song

Come blend your soul with mine, my love,

come blend your soul with mine,

Until the two entwine, my love,

And I am yours, and you are mine,

Until the end of time, my love,

Until the end of time,

Our lives would be so fine, my love,

'Twould fill a plan divine.



has decreed

that I shall love you

longer than eternity

stronger than the timeless sea

deeper than the truth

without condition or measure...

It has also been decreed

that I must love you

with my eyes,

and voice

and thoughts

but never with my hands,

my lips,

my dreams.

Ever at a distance

must I love you.

Never shall I hold you to my heart.


Knight In the Rain

Blindly I ran,

'neath thunderclap and pouring rain

I cried out when I felt my

foot catch in the drain,

I fell, sliding in the mud,

feeling dumb and like a child.

You came and lifted me with such ease,

and looking down, you smiled.

Poems by R. F-M

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