Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Poem: Too Busy

Too Busy

(written about 35 years ago)

What ever happened to yesterday?

Our lives flash by like a busy freeway,

The things that we buy now

simply do not last

Joy and satisfaction are a thing of the past.

We rise, rushing to be on time,

ever in a hurry

Doctors tell us we are dieing

of bitterness and worry.

Where are we going at this mad pace?

Like lemmings, to our deaths we race.

What have we accomplished

through all of this?

Fast food, diabetes, and kidney dialysis.

by R. F-M

1 comment:

Waterrose said...

Oh, you have written my sentiments. Seems I'm always multitasking and I'm not sure I'm getting any further ahead or happier!