Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Poem: Pacific Dogwood Blossom

Pacific Dogwood Blossom

Wildwood blossom,
Six cream colored petals
Symetrically arranged
In a Star of David pattern.
Star stem center
Bouquet of tiny flowers
Fairy feather fine
In shades of green and gold.
Blossom burdened branch,
Lovely, slender, fragile,
A curving artist's brushstroke
Against the April sky.
Sky song dancer,
Prima ballerina,
Moving to the music
Whispered by the wind.

Please Note: Pacific Dogwood blossoms
have 4 to 8 petals, unlike their dogwood cousins
with only 4 petals per flower.
I'll try to get a photograph of one to post here in the future.

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