Friday, April 25, 2008

My Prose: Daffodills are Fairy Teacups

Daffodills are Fairy Teacups

When the gentle moon smiles down upon the creatures of the night, and cricket sing of broken hearted lovers yet unborn, the fairies come out of hiding. They dance through the night spreading love dust and drinking ambrosia from teacups of yellow gold. They eat cherries, grapes and strawberries, and riding on the backs of nightngales they search the darkness for small children and lonely women. Fairies watch our dreams for entertainment.

When the fairies have found a lonely woman sleeping soundly, they sneak in through an open window, or down a chimney, and creeping carefully into the theatre of her dreams they watch like clever begger's children as she plays out all her hopes and fears. Sometimes they tickle her ear with a tiny feather and whisper ideas into her ear to make her dream change. Their favorite dreaming women are artists because they dream in full color with all of their senses involved.

When the sun's rays lighten the sky and the lark's voice splits the morning silence, they run to hide in secret places. Sometimes, in their flight they may knock something from a shelf or leave the feather in her ear, or a single dewdrop in the corner of her eye. Often they awaken a sleeping dog or cat while making their escape and the confused animal searches through the house for the strange little invaders, creating chaos and awakening the woman.

"What is going on here?" she calls out as a glass is knocked off the kitchen counter and shatters on the floor. She rubs her eyes and sits up in bed, calling to her pet. Stroking the soft fur, and scratching the velvet ears, she looks into the face of her old friend and says, " I had such strange dreams last night!"

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