Monday, April 7, 2008

My Poem: True Confessions


How an English Major Spent Spring Vacation

Barbarian for a week

I sit hunched over

In the middle of the floor

Greedily consuming

Mountains of forbidden delights.

For breakfast

I munch comic books

For lunch

I ravenously devour

whole Gothics

in one sitting.

Before dinner,

I gulp down

a couple of volumes

of home grown

Fantasy and Science fiction,

By dinner time I'm drunk.

Having lost all sense of decency,

I lie in bed

Curled up with

Alfred Hitchcock

And Ellery Queen

Mystery magazines

Until early morning...

Monday morning comes.

I blow the dust from my literary tomes

And hurry back to PSU

Once more dignified and proper.

My week of wanton reveling


Except for the stiff neck

and bloodshot eyes.

Written when I was earning my BA in English Literature in 1977.

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marion said...

Wonderful! Been there, done that!