Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Poem: The Other Reality

The Other Reality

Come to me

In the darkness

Out of the past

On bare feet


Empty handed.

Slip boldly through the window

Left carelessly open

Into waiting arms

That close around a pillow.

Time has no power here.

You are slender, sensual,

Making reality out of dreams

and dreams out of reality.

Take all that I am;

all that I'd hoped to be.

Chase away the shreiking solitude

That haunts my days,

Consumes my dreams

And streaks my hair with gray.

Make love to me

in dusty chambers

Long ago prepared for you;

abandonned and forgotten...

When I awaken

And find myself

Alone again,

I will savour the warmth of

Your wet kisses

And bare shoulders

In the darkness

Ot that other reality.

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